Cover Reveal: Summer of Irreverence by Catherine Goldstein

Published April 19, 2016 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Summer of Irreverence – The Rock Star

by Cathrine Goldstein

Genre: Adult Romance

The Wild Rose Press

Summary from Goodreads:
Straight-laced, veterinary surgeon, Summer Wynters is ready to break the rules. And who better to break them with than the most irreverent of all men, mega rock star Malcolm Angel? With one last summer free from work obligations, Summer moves to New York City, and at the coaxing of her friend, pretends to be a model so she can spend one wild night with Malcolm. 




Rock star, Malcolm Angel, tortured by a dark past, may be the poet laureate of romance, but he, like science-minded Summer, has never believed in romantic love. How could he? With his history, he doesn’t deserve to be loved.




When Summer’s honesty, kindness, and exuberance for life changes his perspective, the two discover they are in deeper than either dreamed possible. But when Malcolm discovers Summer’s been perpetuating a lie, will he forgive her? Even if forgiveness is possible, can a man immune to love teach someone else to believe in it?

“How did
you go through life with that name…?” Malcolm’s eyes flashed with happiness. “I
mean, if I wrote it, people would crucify me. What were your parents thinking?”
froze. Suddenly the walls began closing in on her.
“I mean,
do they love you at all?” Malcolm chuckled.
feet refused to move, and her arms lay limp at her side.
Malcolm’s smile faded. “Sum?”
sound of her nickname spoken by Malcolm did her in. She desperately fought the
mounting tears.
stared at her. “It’s not your name you’re upset about, is it?”
clenched her jaw and shook her head.
sorry.” His voice was low and modulated.
nodded, looking at Malcolm, and wanting, for the first time ever, to have
someone make it all okay. To have him make it all okay.
grew quiet. They stood there for whole minutes.
sorry if I touched on a sore subject. Really.”
stared at him—this man who had everything except the answer she needed. How
could he be so closed off? How could he care so little about the pain of
another living creature?
stepped forward then, as if reading her mind. He took her hand gently, and
leaned over, speaking quietly into her ear. “It’s not that I don’t care.”
few words found a place deep in Summer’s soul.


stood up tall, and Summer’s eyes followed him. He reached out and stroked her
cheek as he spoke. “But I’ve got nothing more to give than today.”

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