Blog Tour: Loving Dallas by Caisey Quinn

Published June 27, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog



Title- Loving Dallas

Author- Caisey Quinn

Publisher- William Morrow & Company

Release- June 16, 2015



Dallas Lark is so close to achieving his dream of making it big in country music that he can taste it. Arriving in Nashville after signing with sexy, successful manager Mandy Lantram, his life goes from tragedy and turmoil to one lucky break after another—except it isn’t really luck because Dallas has sacrificed everything for his career, leaving behind his band, sister, best friend, and high school sweetheart, Robyn, in the pursuit of fame.

Robyn Breeland is a successful marketing coordinator and promotions specialist for a thriving liquor distributor out of Texas. She loves every aspect of her job: coming up with new ideas, traveling, hosting promotional parties and exclusive events—until it brings her face-to-face with the man who broke her heart, prompting her to erect a steel cage around it.

When their paths collide and they’re forced to work together, Dallas and Robyn realize that the old spark they thought they’d extinguished might still be a burning flame.


“Yeah I want to love and be loved and I want to smile and laugh and be grateful for all that I have every single day.”

I have yet to read the first book in the Neon Dreams Series, Leaving Armadillo, but that did not stop me from enjoying Loving Dallas. I am also kind of glad I didn’t, from what I read I don’t think I would have liked Dallas in the first book and I completely adorable him in Loving Dallas, he’s my new book boyfriend.

I’m always a sucker for a second chance story and I really liked the one between Dallas and Robyn. I have to admit Robyn did annoy me a lot. I felt like she was repeating the past with Dallas at one point, I’m glad she came to her senses. The drama in the book wasn’t too bad and I’m glad, I’m really one for a lot of drama.

I really want to know what will happen with Dallas and Robyn and where they end up. Hope to get a little bit more of them in the next couple of books in this series!

After reading this story I now need to find out Dixie and Gavin’s story and since I own Leaving Armadillo that’s what I will be reading next!


The universe must hate me. No, it must downright fucking despise me.

Of all the concerts in all the world, she has to be at mine. In fucking Denver of all places. Literally the last place in the universe I would expect to see her.

My mind can’t stop replaying our exchange. Or how lovingly that dress clung to her mouthwatering curves. Seeing her conjured up memories I keep firmly locked in the box of Robyn that I never open. Ever.

Seeing her unexpectedly reminded me of the first time I ever laid eyes on her and practically transported me back in time.

“God, I love this song,” she’d announced the night we met. “Come dance with me.”

She’d grabbed my hand with surprising strength for a petite redhead who couldn’t have weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet. She had the kind of raspy voice that instantly made you think of dirty talk. Or maybe that was just me. I had just turned sixteen and was basically a hard-on with a pulse.

Gavin had raised his eyebrows and smirked as she dragged me closer to the truck blaring the music. She shook her sexy ass and sang at the top of her lungs, off key, but proudly off key. I couldn’t take my eyes or my hands off her. For several years.

What Caisey Quinn Loves About Dallas

  1. That he knows when to be a gentleman…and when not to be.
  2. His tight jeans and cocky, country book swagger.
  3. His sweet smile.
  4. His singing voice.
  5. How deeply he loves. ❤

Caisey Quinn Top 5 Songs on iPod While Writing Loving Dallas

  1. Smoke – A Thousand Horses
  2. Wheels Rollin – Jason Aldean
  3. Hope You Get Lonely – Cole Swindell
  4. Love You Like That – Canaan Smith
  5. Walk the Line – Johnny Cash


“Crazy Town,” Jason Aldean

“Ho Hey,” Lumineers

“Smoke,” A Thousand Horses

“This Town,” Clare Bowen and Charles Esten

“Even if It Breaks Your Heart,” Eli Young Band

“I See You,” Luke Bryan

“Texas Was You,” Jason Aldean

“Springsteen,” Eric Church

“Distance,” Christina Perri featuring Jason Mraz

“Dancing Away with My Heart,” Lady Antebellum

“Hope You Get Lonely,” Cole Swindell

“Wheels Rollin’,” Jason Aldean

“Easy,” Rascal Flatts featuring Natasha Bedingfield

“Make You Miss Me,” Sam Hunt

“Come Over,” Kenny Chesney

“Love You Like That” Canaan Smith

“It Goes Like This,” Thomas Rhett

“I Walk the Line,” Johnny Cash

“Save Your Breath” Josh Dorr

“Let Her Go,” Passenger

“Mine Would Be You,” Blake Shelton

“More than Miles,” Brantley Gilbert

“Run Away with You,” Michael Ray

“Crash My Party,” Luke Bryan

“I Won’t Give Up,” Jana Kramer

“Simple Man,” Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Say You Do” Dierks Bentley

“Play It Again,” Luke Bryan

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