Michelle’s Top Authors of 2014

Published December 30, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Now that the year has almost come to an end, I will be sharing my tops over the next couple of days. Today I will share my Top Authors of 2014 and tomorrow I will be sharing my Top Book of 2014. Then on Thursday I will share what I am excited to read in 2015!!

TOP 5 Authors of 2015

In no particular order

Nancy Straight

Nancy Straight

What she has written:

His Frozen Heart (Click Here for my Review)

Touched Series (Click HERE for my Review of Blood Debt)

Density Series

Fractured Karma (Coming in 2015)


What she has written:

This is Falling (Click HERE for my review)

You and Everything After (Click HERE for my review)


How to Deal With Gravity

Going Long

Waiting by the Sidelines

Pamela Sparkman

Pamela Sparkman

What she has written:

Stolen Breathes (Click HERE for my Review)

Shattered (Click HERE for my Review)

Elizabeth Lee:

Elizabeth   Lee

What she has written:

Finding You

Where There’s Smoke

Taking Something

Escaping Me

Give Me Something


Storm Warning (Click HERE for Review)

Path of Destruction (Click HERE for Review)

Stephanie Witter

Stephanie Witter

Fix Up (Click HERE for Review)

Patch Up (Click HERE for Review

Change Up

2B or Not 2B

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