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Review: You and Everything After By Ginger Scott

Published November 27, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog


Title- You and Everything After

Author- Ginger Scott

Release Date- December 5th, 2014

Ginger Scott is one of my favorite authors that I have found thing year!!! Since August I have read every one of her books and I beyond excited to read her latest, “You and Everything After”! Now I am a HUGE fan of Nate and Rowe and I have to admit I had a little trouble reading while they were in the background and every now and again I read the two books at the same time.

We met both Cass and Ty in “This is Falling”, but they were only supporting characters and we really did know their story. Cass Owens is and is rooming with her twin sister and a girl named Rowe. Right away we learn that Cass is dealing MS and is the main reason she needed to give up her passion, soccer. Cass also has a reputation for being easy, this was her way of dealing in high school, she just didn’t know how the gossip would affect her. Then there’s Ty Preeter he is in graduate school and dorming with his freshman brother Nate. Ty is a real ladies man, who doesn’t do girlfriends and is viewed as strong, invincible, confident, intelligent—arrogant. He has also lost his ability to walk after an accident, ruining all chances he had to play baseball in college. Everything is about to change for both of them and they both might just find love.

This book starts at day one in college and could be read as a standalone. Ginger Scott did a great job incorporating the same events that happened in “This is Falling”, but used different perspectives on these events (of course I compared the books as a read, flipping between the two books). If you have read the first book, don’t worry, in no way by reading this book will you know what will happen next, and you will not lose interest!!! While reading the first book I absolutely fell in love with all the characters and while reading You and Everything After, I fell in love with all of them even more!

Both Cass and Ty are very interesting characters that are both over coming physical limitations and these things only make them stronger and bonded them. I have to say my favorite scene in the book was when Ty talks to Cass’ dad on the phone, and that is all I am going to say about that.

I am now off to read Thing is Falling once again to get my fill of all these characters, and I cannot wait for the third book to come out!!