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Book Review: A Christmas Horror Story by Sebastian Gregory

Published December 25, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

A Christmas Horror Story

Title- A Christmas Horror Story

Author- Sebastian Gregory

Publisher- Carina



On the night before Christmas, lock the doors to the house…

Forget the jolly old man in his red, big-buttoned suit. Because another creature is up on the roof, preparing for his annual visit to little children everywhere.

With a belt of knives round his waist, a writhing bag on his back and a Santa-sized appetite, he’s a little…different to the St Nick you might be expecting.

And you can leave out all the carrots and mince pies you like…but it’s you he’s after.

A horrid Christmas to all, and a terrible night.

Every white Christmas has a dark side. Don’t miss A Christmas Horror Story, the gruesomely festive new story from Sebastian Gregory.


A Christmas Horror Story was a cute little story about a family and A Child Eater. This was such a cute and short read. I like that it wasn’t a normal Christmas story, but one with a bit of a dark side. I didn’t feel as though it was too freighting for children to read, but there was enough maturity for adults to enjoy as well.

I loved that Sebastian Gregory set the story in present time, but had many events in the past showing how the Child Eater has attacked other children, in sneaky ways. I was able to see how long the Child Eater has been around, and how he has attacked so many. We also were give a great description of the Child Eater, and especially loved the little poem in chapter five.

It was interesting that in the story, Santa comes to reward good children, where the Child Eater comes to get naughty children. Although, the children in the story were good children, every child has a moment where they are naughty.