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Read Me Friday: Eyes Turned Skyward by Rebecca Yarros

Published December 12, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Eyes Turned Skyward

Title- Eyes Turned Skyward

Author- Rebecca Yarros

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Rating- 5 Stars


Eyes Turned Skyward starts when Paisley Donovan is on the beach with her friend Morgan when she lays eyes on Mr. California, who we later know as Jagger Bateman. Paisley of course thinks Jagger is attractive, but she has a boyfriend and knows she would be thins guys type. This one of Morgan’s friends places her in a situation where Jagger saves her life. Instantly we see the attraction they both have for each other. After saving her life Jagger and Paisley go on their separate ways, but not far from each other’s minds. After a run in at the library Paisley works at the two of them decide to be friends, but they are each hiding huge secrets.

There were times I just sat there pleading with the characters to fess up and explain what is really going on in their lives, but of course they didn’t until it all came out at the wrong time. There were times I think Paisley kept saying that she had a boyfriend, not to convince anyone but herself. I have to admit she made me angry a couple of times but in the end that is what made me love her so much. Jagger on the other hand, had the BIGGEST heart; he did so much for the people around him and never asked for a thing in return. It also helped that he was beyond sexy!!

Rebecca Yarros did a great job developing her characters, I not only loved Paisley and Jaggar but all the supporting characters as well. As much as Will sort of annoyed me and at one point I thought he might not be faithful to Paisley (but in a way I guess he wasn’t), I would absolutely love to see a book about him, and get a little more insight on him. Also I REALLY want to know more about Gayson, this guy was just full of mystery and I NEED to know more. As for Josh, I know there is already a book about him and Ember and of course I haven’t read it, but now it is on my MUST READ list!!!!

This defiantly needs to be on everyone’s MUST READ list!