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Book Review: Gone Too Far by Natalie D. Richards

Published February 5, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Gone Too Far

Title– Gone Too Far

Author- Natalie D. Richards

Publisher- Sourcefire Books

Amazon-   http://goo.gl/EjYm25


Piper Woods can’t wait for the purgatory of senior year to end. She skirts the fringes of high school like a pro until the morning she finds a notebook with mutilated photographs and a list of student sins. She’s sure the book is too gruesome to be true, until pretty, popular Stella dies after a sex-tape goes viral. Everyone’s sure it’s suicide, but Piper remembers Stella’s name from the book and begins to suspect something much worse.

Drowning in secrets she doesn’t want to keep, Piper’s fears are confirmed when she receives an anonymous text message daring her to make things right. All she needs to do is choose a name, the name of someone who deserves to be punished…


Every high school has a different social ladder and most likely while in high school, you belong to one of the stereotypes; the popular group, the nerds, the artistic group, ect. Also, most everyone one has that one secret that they keep hidden, but what if those secrets got out? This is what happens in Piper Woods’ high school.

As a whole I enjoyed reading Gone Too Far, but there were some things that were missing for me. Nothing big that would make me dislike a book, but they bother me a little bit. For some reason I couldn’t really connect to Piper as a character at the beginning of the story. Which means it was a little hard for me to get into the story at first, but in the end I was engrossed and felt for Piper. I think she grew a lot as a character as well. In the beginning she had her own stereotypes of the people in her school and never saw the picture, but in the end she realizes there’s more to a person than meets the eye.

I like that Piper was a photographer (something I can relate to) and how she wanted to capture every moment. I love how when she first kissed Nick, she wish she had her camera to capture the moment.

I also liked that there was a bit of a mystery to the book, we aren’t really sure who is sending the texts to Piper. She has many theories and all of them seemed to have reasons to be a suspect.

I thought the plot of the story was great for young readers to connect to. They may relate to Piper or one of the many characters in the book. I think there were a lot of different personalities in this book.

Read Me: Path of Destruction (Broken Heartland #2)

Published December 19, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Path of Destruction (Broken Heartland, #2)

Title- Path of Destruction (Broken Heartland #2)

Author- Elizabeth Lee and Caisey Quinn

Publisher- Lee & Quinn

Amazon- http://goo.gl/tHrxKQ


While the brick suburban mansions of Summit Bluffs saw very little damage, their occupants weren’t so lucky. As the members of both communities struggle to put the pieces of their lives back together, lies will be told, truths will be revealed, and nothing will ever be the same. The road to recovery is long and paved with past hurts and future heartbreaks.They ignored the warning signs, and one of them didn’t make it out alive. The four that remain know they’d be crazy to think the storms are actually over..

Because it’s just when you think you’re safe that you find yourself right in the path of destruction.


Well thank you Elizabeth and Caisey, you had me crying from the very start of the book. As much as I didn’t truly have a connection to the person at the beginning of the book, I felt for the characters that were left behind (two in particular). There was so mush devastation after the storm and so many lives were lost. We get a glimpse on how natural disasters can change lives in many different ways.

I am not a fan of Hayden at all, no matter what he does in the book for some reason I can’t root for him. I do adore Cooper though, he has such a big heart and any trouble he does find himself in is because he’s protecting people, even if they don’t want it. There were a lot of decisions that the main characters made that I didn’t particularly think they should have made, of course that’s what makes a good book. If I didn’t have any connection to feeling toward the characters, it would be just an easy read. This one was a bit hard to read since I was feeling so many emotions.

I think if I say anymore I will give away major parts of the book. Let’s just say at the end of this book, I was mad I need to wait to read the next installment.

Rebels by Accident by Patricia Dunn

Published December 16, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

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Rebels by Accident By Patricia Dunn

Sourcebooks Fire ● December 2, 2014 ● ISBN 9781492601388

Trade Paper/ $9.99 U.S. ● Ages 12+

Praise for Rebels by Accident

My Thoughts:

Miriam is an Egyptian American that attends high school in New York, which means she’s different. The “popular girls”, call her names like Cleopatra, but Miriam still wants to be part of her group. That is when she crashes a party with her best friend Deanna, who also gets made fun, one of the names she is called is Sphinx Face, little did Miriam and Deanna know that they would end up in jail at the end of the night. Miriam disappointed her parents and they decided to send her to stay with grandmother in Egypt and what she knows of her grandmother, she is not to excited to spend time with her. The only good thing about the trip is that her best friend will be going with her.

It was very interesting to read a book where the setting was in Egypt. I was able to learn a few things about the culture that I didn’t know before and even learned some new words! I think it was really nice that Dunn wrote a couple scenes where the reader could feel like a tourist, but it wasn’t too much and didn’t over take the book. This book wasn’t just about Egypt, but about so much more!! It is about family, friendship and finding yourself.

I can see this book used in schools to show somethings that are happening around the world and exploring another culture.

Rebels By Accident Excerpt

Sixteen (well, almost sixteen), and I’m behind bars. Okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. It’s not as if I’m locked up with serial killers or slashers, but I’m in a cell. Deanna’s with me, along with about thirty other underage girls who were also at the party and didn’t run away in time or convince the police to let them go.

As we piled into squad cars, I watched these girls (and even a few guys) put on all the moves—-crying, flirting, screaming, fainting, even begging—-to get out of the arrest, but none of it worked.

I have to say Deanna gave it her best. Not being able to crack a smile really worked to her advantage when the officer in charge said to her that he was glad someone was taking the situation seriously. She wasn’t kidding when she said she was a great litigator like her mom. When the cop found me hiding in the bathtub with the shower curtain drawn (could I have picked a more obvious place?) and dragged me downstairs with the rest of the crowd, there was Deanna, telling the police we shouldn’t be responsible for the actions of some stupid guys who brought beer to the party. She almost had one cop convinced to let us go when Karen, the bane of my existence, stepped forward and threw up on his shoes.

All through elementary school and middle school, Karen and her drone Beth talked trash about me and my family. Their favorite insults were that my dad was in Al–Qaeda and my mom was only one of his many wives.

At least she’s not in our cell. They put her, and all the other vomiting kids, in a separate cell—-with buckets.

Still, it stinks in here. I stick my nose between the bars, trying to breathe air that doesn’t smell like puke, beer, or raw fish. Who has an open sushi bar at a high school party? Then again, what would I know about parties? This is the only party I’ve been to since first grade.

“Come on, Mar. It’s not that bad.” Deanna pushes against my shoulder. I don’t budge. I don’t say anything.

“Funny how we started the night trying to break into the party, and now we just want to get out.” Deanna stands closer to me, but I can’t even look at her. If I do, I’ll start to cry. And I’m already the biggest freak at school.

“Look, I know you’re flipping out here, but everything will be okay.”

“Are you kidding me?” I turn to her and lower my voice. “I’m in jail. Do you know how happy this is going to make my parents?”


“Now they can feel totally justified when they never let me leave our apartment again.”


Relax? We’ve just been arrested! We are in a holding cell with girls who have picked on me—-or, worse yet, ignored me—-since kindergarten. On top of that, my parents are going to kill me! Why did I let Deanna talk me into going to this party?

Okay, the truth: she didn’t have to talk me into anything. I wanted to go. I would’ve done anything, even lie to my parents, to crash a party. I knew I wasn’t invited and that I’d probably be kicked out as soon as someone saw me. But forcibly removed—-by the police? That I didn’t expect.

Still, I shouldn’t blame Deanna for helping me get what I wanted. But I do. It was an amazing night of music and dancing. Yes, I danced with three guys! And nobody made jokes about my dad being a towel–head or my uncle being Bin Laden…Tonight I was dancing and laughing. I wasn’t a freak or a weirdo; I was just another girl having fun.

“Actually,” I say, turning to Deanna, “thanks.”

“You’re thanking me?” she asks.

“Hey, I know I’m in big trouble but tonight was an adventure—-probably the last one I’ll have until I’m thirty.”

“Don’t mention it,” she says. Most people would say she has no expression on her face, but I can tell she’s smiling


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Patricia Dunn has appeared in Salon.com, The Christian Science Monitor, the Village Voice, the Nation, LA Weekly, and others. With an MFA in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence College, where she also teaches, this Bronx-raised rebel and former resident of Cairo settled in Connecticut, with her husband, teenage son, and toddler dog. Visit Patricia at www.patriciadunnauthor.com.

Mad Mondays- Storm Warning by Elizabeth Lee and Caisey Quinn

Published December 15, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Storm Warning (Broken Heartland, #1)

Title- Storm Warning (Broken Heartland #1)

Author- Elizabeth Lee and Caisey Quinn

Amazon- http://goo.gl/WoD5CT


Sometimes you can’t see the storm coming until it’s too late…
Severe Storm Warning Tip #1:
Be alert to changing weather conditions. Look for approaching storms.
Severe Storm Warning Tip #2:
If you see approaching storms or any of the danger signs, be prepared to take shelter immediately.
Severe Storm Warning Tip #3:
They may strike quickly, with little or no warning.
Situated just outside of Oklahoma City, Calumet County is divided into two drastically different communities: Hope’s Grove and Summit Bluffs. One is the small backward town where dirt roads lead the way to field parties and railroad tracks. And the other, a sprawling suburb where paved drives lead to the landscaped lawns of the wealthy and over privileged.
For five teenagers smack in the middle of Tornado Alley, summer is heating up fast. The winds of change are blurring the invisible line that divides the rich and the rural.

One has a secret.
One has a crush.
One has been lying.
One will get caught.
And one might not make it out alive.

They’re from two different worlds…but one summer is about to change everything.


As soon as I read the synopsis I knew I would enjoy reading Storm Warning and my first thought was very true!! I am so glad I stumbled upon this one.

When I found out there were multiple points of view, I thought it would ruin the book, that I would become confused while reading the story. During the first few chapters I wrote down each main chapter and then their relation to one another, but Elizabeth Lee and Caisey Quinn did a great job making each character rememberable that I didn’t once look at my notes. Each character had their quarks and each were lovable, but I have to admit I love some more than others. Seeing some reviews I know people were team Hayden, but I have to admit I was team Coop the WHOLE time. I just wanted him to show his true feeling before it was too late. With a cast of characters like this, I could imagine myself watching a series about it. They are all relatable in their own ways and teens would be drawn to it.

Also, enough there were two authors who took part in writing this book, there was so inconsistencies, every single character and part flowed wonderfully!

I have just one warning to go with this book, THERE’S A CLIFF HANGER!!!!!!!

I think this is one of the best young adult books I have read this year and I cannot wait to dive into book two, I am lucky enough to have an advance copy! I will now dive into Book Two 🙂

Book Review: Play of Light by Debra Doxer

Published December 14, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Play of Light

Title- Play of Light

Author- Debra Doxer


At fourteen, my life was perfect. The beach was my playground, and the boy who stole my heart lived just around the corner. But perfect never lasts. In one horrifying moment, I lost it all. My family was destroyed, and the boy I believed in turned his back on me. Paradise became a nightmare.

That was five years ago. Everything changed when we moved from our home by the sea. I’ve changed, and I don’t like who I’ve become. I miss the smiling, carefree beach girl who disappeared that terrible night. I want to find her again. I want to face the people we ran from so long ago. Most of all, I have to face Spencer. So I can prove that when he broke my heart, he didn’t break me.

But when I see him again, Spencer Pierce is no longer the boy from my memories. He’s now a man who could devastate me if I let him. He watches me when he thinks I’m not looking. There’s regret written on his face when he’s near. Each time I see him, my heart aches for what might have been, and I think his does too. How can I convince myself I’m over him when I suspect he never got over me?


Play of Light was a story about Sarah and Spencer whom shared a past, not only did the story dive into the characters present life, but also the past. Most stories that I read in this genre speak about the past relationship two people have together, but do not it really show what went on or events that conspired. Play of Light on the other hand spent several characters showing how Sarah felt about Spencer and how their relationship grew from strangers to friends. I think this allowed me to grow an attachment to both Spencer and Sarah.

There was a lot of mystery while reading this story; we never really knew what was going on with spencer and his uncle. I also like how at the end of the story there were a couple of events that I knew was coming. I kind of thought I knew what Spencer’s BIG secret was, but boy was a wrong and I am very glad I was.

This was definitely a nice simple romance novel and worth the read!