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Sizzling Saturdays: Pretty Shameless by Jodi Linton

Published January 10, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Pretty Shameless (Deputy Laney Briggs, #2)

Title- Pretty Shamless

Author- Jodi Linton

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Amazon- http://goo.gl/rWBFYn


The only rules she follows are her own…

Wherever deputy Laney Briggs goes, trouble always follows behind—except when Laney is the trouble. Right now, Laney is on the hunt for her not-so-bright cousin, who is wanted for gun smuggling. But there’s a sexy, hot-assed Texas Ranger on the same case, and Laney would bet her britches (and everything else she’s wearing) that Gunner Wilson knows something she doesn’t. It just requires a bit of sexy espionage…

Gunner knows all too well just how damned distracting Laney and her little red cowboy boots can be. The pure, unadulterated want between them has never been stronger—and Gunner can’t resist making her crazy. But even as she gives into every carnal craving for Gunner, Laney is determined to get her answers, one mind-meltingly hot night at a time. The only question is whether she’ll be ready for the truth…


I had a little trouble getting through this book. I am not sure if it was the fact that I never read any of the other books I this series or that it was not what I expected it to be. I love mystery and suspenseful book, but I felt there wasn’t that much if it in this book. I felt as though the elements of this were over shadowed by all the characters lust for one another. Not to mention I wasn’t too sure was going on with Laney’s cousin, nothing was really explained. All I knew was he was in a lot of trouble, but unclear on what kind of trouble.

As for the characters I felt little for their relationship. It felt that it was all about lust between Laney and Gunner. They never were able to have a full conversation and when they tried it just turned into sex. There was one scene where Gunner opened up to Laney and I truly enjoyed that part.

I do not think this was a bad book by all means, it just wasn’t for me. I know that a lot of readers will enjoy this novel, but I do recommend reading the first installment before the second.

Sizzling Saturdays: Make Me, Take Me Author by Amanda Usen

Published December 27, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Make Me, Take Me (Entangled Brazen)

Title- Make Me, Take Me

Author- Amanda Usen

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Amazon- http://goo.gl/XPhGZN


He’s every fantasy she’s ever had… Betsy Mouton knows that easy doesn’t last forever. She’s working her butt off to launch the Last Call Café so her family can leave the New Orleans bar business—and its heartaches—behind forever. That is, until the hottest one-night-stand of her life shows up next door, twice as uncompromising and two million times hotter, offering to buy the bar and send the Moutons to Easy Street.  Hotelier Quinton James has never forgotten the unbelievably hot night he and Betsy shared. Never forgotten how beautifully she submitted to him, or how he found the only peace he’s ever known in her arms. Now that Betsy is the only thing standing in the way of his new hotel, she’s the one in control. But there’s more at stake than her cafe or laying their past to rest—Quin wants a future. With her. All he has to do is convince her…one sensual command at a time.


Entangled Publishing’s Brazen genre is never disappointed with it comes to being a hot read and Make Me, Take Me is no different. The relationship between the main characters, Betsy and Quin, was all about sex throughout the whole book.

There was a back story between Betsy and Quin and why they couldn’t allow themselves to trust each other. Even though there was more to the book and a lot of character development, I could not find a connection with the characters, which made the read a slow one.

I loved that there was the fairy tale side of the book; Betsy would refer to Quin as the Prince Charming she knew would leave her. I loved the whole party aspect, which was just like Cinderella. Who doesn’t want a night where she is invited to a ball and treated like a princess? I know I would love that!!

Read Me: The Rules According to Gracie by Stefanie London

Published December 26, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

The Rules According to Gracie (Entangled Lovestruck)

Title– The Rules According to Gracie

Author- Stefanie London

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Amazon- http://goo.gl/YXgGuS


Gracie Green has a shopping list for men. Career, financials, family…and a long list of rules to determine a guy’s suitability. She’s already disappointed her socialite mother once—now Gracie needs to find Mr. Perfect. Too bad she keeps getting distracted by her super-sexy, six-feet-of-tattooed-hotness friend, Des, who is so many shades of Mr. Wrong…

Bar owner Des Chapman has vowed never again to get involved with society girls. Yet he’s irresistibly drawn to Gracie—those lush curves, those lips, and her ridiculous ability to date the wrong guys. As Gracie’s discouragement grows, Des realizes it’s time to show her what she really needs in a man—and it has nothing to do with a briefcase and generous bank account. He’ll teach Gracie the Rules According To Des…even if it means breaking his rule in the process.


Rule number one: Don’t fall for the wrong guy

The Rules According to Gracie was a short but sweet story that I was able to read in one sitting. I loved the friendship Gracie and Des had from the very beginning of the book. He would save her from boring dates, but secretly wanted to be on one with her, and she secretly wanted to be with him. From the very beginning there was such chemistry between the main characters, I just wanted them to give into their attraction, but where’s fun in that? I absolutely loved that they would email each other during their lunch break, too cute!!!

The only problem I had about this book was that it wasn’t longer, I would love to read another story involving these two characters!

Sizzling Saturdays- Taking Control by Nina Croft

Published December 20, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Taking Control

Title- Taking Control

Author- Nina Croft

Publisher- Entangled Publishing


Why play nice when you can be naughty?

Jessica Bauer is aces when it comes to security, but the PR side? Not so much. Now she has a chance to take over Knight Securities―if she plays nice with the next client. Unfortunately, that client happens to be Declan McCabe. And it’s too bad someone wants him dead, because after he broke her heart ten years ago, Jessica would have cheerfully murdered him herself.

Declan has taken his dad’s not-so-reputable company and turned it around, and in the process, he’s attracted the attention of some vicious killers. The only perk is being reunited with Jessica, who Declan still wants so much he can barely see straight. But Jessica has a plan of her own. She’ll protect Declan. She’ll have unbelievably hot sex with him.  And when the job is finished, she’ll move on. Except that this time, Declan isn’t so willing to walk away…


I have some mixed feelings about this book; I really enjoyed the bander between the two main characters, Jessica and Declan. I didn’t at all feel the connection between them though, what I did feel was lust.

Jess was a story leading lady and had the job of protecting Declan from a threat, but she ended up not only protecting him, but her heart as well, always afraid to get too close to him. I enjoyed that she was such a strong leading lady, that was set out to protect him.

I really enjoy second chance stories, but this one did give me the feeling that others have in the past. There were plenty of sexy and hot scenes between Jess and Declan.

Read Me Friday: Eyes Turned Skyward by Rebecca Yarros

Published December 12, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Eyes Turned Skyward

Title- Eyes Turned Skyward

Author- Rebecca Yarros

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Rating- 5 Stars

Amazon- http://goo.gl/RvvSrp

Eyes Turned Skyward starts when Paisley Donovan is on the beach with her friend Morgan when she lays eyes on Mr. California, who we later know as Jagger Bateman. Paisley of course thinks Jagger is attractive, but she has a boyfriend and knows she would be thins guys type. This one of Morgan’s friends places her in a situation where Jagger saves her life. Instantly we see the attraction they both have for each other. After saving her life Jagger and Paisley go on their separate ways, but not far from each other’s minds. After a run in at the library Paisley works at the two of them decide to be friends, but they are each hiding huge secrets.

There were times I just sat there pleading with the characters to fess up and explain what is really going on in their lives, but of course they didn’t until it all came out at the wrong time. There were times I think Paisley kept saying that she had a boyfriend, not to convince anyone but herself. I have to admit she made me angry a couple of times but in the end that is what made me love her so much. Jagger on the other hand, had the BIGGEST heart; he did so much for the people around him and never asked for a thing in return. It also helped that he was beyond sexy!!

Rebecca Yarros did a great job developing her characters, I not only loved Paisley and Jaggar but all the supporting characters as well. As much as Will sort of annoyed me and at one point I thought he might not be faithful to Paisley (but in a way I guess he wasn’t), I would absolutely love to see a book about him, and get a little more insight on him. Also I REALLY want to know more about Gayson, this guy was just full of mystery and I NEED to know more. As for Josh, I know there is already a book about him and Ember and of course I haven’t read it, but now it is on my MUST READ list!!!!

This defiantly needs to be on everyone’s MUST READ list!

Book Review- What if by A. J Pine

Published December 4, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

What If (If Only..., #2)

Title- What If

Author- AJ Pine

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Rating- 5 Stars

What if……

Maggie wasn’t sick two years ago

Griffin wasn’t a guy that had a new girl in his bed each night

Maggie never missed her bus and hitchhiked

Griffin never gave Maggie a ride to work

Maggie and Griffin never met

All those what if and so many crossed both Maggie and Griffin’s minds in order to protect themselves and each other from heartbreak. Maggie and Griffin’s story was adorable, as a reader I fell in love with this heartwarming story.

It took a long time to find out what was actually wrong with Maggie, for the most of the book, all I knew was she gets migraines, her memory isn’t that great and she takes blood thinners. I’m not too familiar with what happened to her, but she used it to stop living her life until she met Griffin.

One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Maggie and Griffin were laying in his bed and she was reading a book. It was such a simple scene but beyond sweet.