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Book Review: Fading Out by Trisha Wolfe

Published February 19, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Fading Out (Living Heartwood, #3)

Title- Fading Out

Author- Trisha Wolfe

Release Date- February 18, 2015



Love means fading out so another shines brighter.

Right clothes. Right school. Right fiancé. As a Wyndemere, Arian’s expected to abide by the rules. The most important: be perfect. But Arian’s seemingly flawless life is far from it. An embarrassing expulsion from her parents’ alma mater spirals an already unhealthy obsession out of control, exposing a dark truth.

Faced with having to attend a small private college after a stint in rehab, Arian’s just ready to coast under the radar and repair some of the wreckage, but her father’s looming control is like a vise choking off her air supply.

When a run-in with Braxton’s beloved star quarterback, Ryder Nash, puts Arian squarely in the crosshairs of his devoted teammates, the last of her controlled, orderly world unhinges. As the pranks and paybacks escalate, Arian and Ryder’s rivalry takes a passionate turn. And once Arian glimpses beneath the all-star-athlete exterior Ryder projects, she realizes he’s far more than just a jock.

As their relationship intensifies, outside forces feel the threat. Outrunning their pasts doesn’t mean history won’t repeat itself, but Ryder can’t let that happen. He’s just one Championship game away from breaking the mold. Only one moment, one choice, might change everything.

Told from both Arian’s and Ryder’s POV. New Adult Contemporary Romance intended for readers 17 years of age and older.


“And its the imperfections that make you, you. Don’t kill off your heartwood- the imperfect, flawed,dark part of you…. because even a tree need its heart to live, Ari. Without it, it would just be a hollow shell.” She twists her lips into a smile. ” Besides, without the bad, you cant enjoy the good. It’s all about balance.”

Fading Out is the third book in the Heartwood Series and again it did not disappoint!!! So far, I have read three of Trisha Wolfe’s books and I can’t get enough of them. She is able to tell such emotional heart wrenching stories that I can’t get enough of!

I think Trisha made Ari a character that most people can relate to, even if they do not have an eating disorder. Ari wanted to please her father and through that she developed an anxiety, it also seemed as though she was a bit depressed. Ryder was able to get her to forget about her problems, at least for a little bit, and while she was with him, she was happy.

Ryder also had his own problems and was dealing with his own problem; his past with Alyssa and if he was truly happy playing football, but just as Ryder brought the best out in Ari, she did the same in him. I like that both characters went through such growth figuring out what made them happy.

I like that this book had duel POV, I always love to see what is going through the minds of both main characters.

Again, Trisha was able to insert characters from the previous two books and place them into this on perfectly! It didn’t seem forces but seems to fit together like a puzzle and the epilogue was just perfect!!

I cannot wait to see what Ms. Wolfe has in store for the fourth book in the series.

Read Me Fridays: Accepted By Coleen Lahr

Published January 9, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog


Title- Accepted

Author- Coleen Lahr

Publisher– Astraea Press, LLC


Book Summery:

Ashley Smith spent her life being shipped from one family member to the next. When Ashley’s estranged father dies, she finally has the money to go to college and the chance to find a place where she belongs.

Within days, Ashley has found the one thing she’s always longed for – a family. She may have even found love. There’s only one problem. Ashley likes Colin…a lot, but so does Randi, and everyone likes Randi. Randi’s approval is the single easiest way to belong. Falling in love with Randi’s crush is the single easiest way to find oneself on the outside for the next three years.

When Ashley arrived at college, she never dreamed she’d find this kind of happiness. Will she allow herself to hold on to this happiness, and Colin, or will her fear of losing her friends, the only friends she’s ever known, dictate her actions?

Book Review:

Accepted was a sweet new adult romance which dealt with friendship, love and tearing down walls. I loved so many parts of this book, the characters, the plot and every compelling scene. I absolutely adored Ashley, she was such a sweet girl that desperately wanted to feel wanted and loved. The thing was she was missing out on some of that while worrying about what she would lose if she would allow Colin in. Becca and Colin were also great characters! I wish this story was longer so I could have seen more interaction between Becca and Ashley, they seemed to become great best friends and I wanted to see/feel that a little more. Colin on the other hand was a sweetheart, he was behind Ashley every step of the way and even did things that made me say “aww” after I found out.

The things that I didn’t like aren’t huge; I just wish the story was longer!!!!! I did not want to give up reading right when Ashley and Colin started their relationship! I was left wanting more, maybe a second book can be written 😉

Book Review: Written on HerHeart by Paige Ryan

Published December 23, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Written on Her Heart

Title- Written on her Heart

Author- Paige Ryan

Publisher- Createspace



Andi Callaway has dreamed of becoming a published author her entire life. Ford Delaney has always wanted nothing more than to escape his past.

An opportunity of a lifetime. This is what Andi finds when she returns home to Callaway Cove on summer break. A chance to work for her literary idol Ford Delaney is up for grabs, and she’s willing to risk everything-her boyfriend, her best friends, and her education-to get it.

She’s positive this will be the key to reaching her dreams. But the moment she begins working for the reclusive author, Andi realizes there’s more to him than just a name. As attraction builds between Andi and Ford, she begins to discover consequences must come hand-in-hand with something great-which could loosen control over her tightly wound life. And once romantic sparks fly, Andi’s other relationships start to crumble, Ford’s fame comes back to haunt him, and the heat they generate will either forge a powerful, enduring love or threaten everything she holds dear.


“Your family and friends are important to you. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you emotions, as well, which is why you are to easy to read.”

I think I enjoyed reading “Written on her Heart so much because I see a lot of myself in Andi, as a character she was so relatable and down to earth. There were somethings that I did not agree with, like her cheating on her boyfriend, but I think since I didn’t feel any connection between her and her boyfriend, it didn’t bother me so much. The connection I felt was between Andi and Ford, and I just wanted her to give into it. I just wished she would have broken up with her boyfriend and not cheated!!!!

Whoa, Andi’s friends were not at all friends to her. First, they never told her about the job she would have like, instead they both went for it on their own. Second, Rachel kept trying to steal Andi’s job from her. Not only was she trying to get the job, but also Ford, even after she sensed that Andi might have feelings for him. Third, this is more about Andi’s boyfriend, but he was such a jerk about not supporting his girlfriend.

I found the fact that the story involved writers was pretty interesting, as a writer Ford intrigued me. I like how h based some stories based on his life and didn’t hide that fact. He also seem to see something in Andi as a writer, at first I kind of thought he was going to steal her story and turn it into his own book.

This was such an easy flowing read that grabbed me from the beginning and before I knew it, I was done reading!!

Book Review- What if by A. J Pine

Published December 4, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

What If (If Only..., #2)

Title- What If

Author- AJ Pine

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Rating- 5 Stars

What if……

Maggie wasn’t sick two years ago

Griffin wasn’t a guy that had a new girl in his bed each night

Maggie never missed her bus and hitchhiked

Griffin never gave Maggie a ride to work

Maggie and Griffin never met

All those what if and so many crossed both Maggie and Griffin’s minds in order to protect themselves and each other from heartbreak. Maggie and Griffin’s story was adorable, as a reader I fell in love with this heartwarming story.

It took a long time to find out what was actually wrong with Maggie, for the most of the book, all I knew was she gets migraines, her memory isn’t that great and she takes blood thinners. I’m not too familiar with what happened to her, but she used it to stop living her life until she met Griffin.

One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Maggie and Griffin were laying in his bed and she was reading a book. It was such a simple scene but beyond sweet.

Review: You and Everything After By Ginger Scott

Published November 27, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog


Title- You and Everything After

Author- Ginger Scott

Release Date- December 5th, 2014

Ginger Scott is one of my favorite authors that I have found thing year!!! Since August I have read every one of her books and I beyond excited to read her latest, “You and Everything After”! Now I am a HUGE fan of Nate and Rowe and I have to admit I had a little trouble reading while they were in the background and every now and again I read the two books at the same time.

We met both Cass and Ty in “This is Falling”, but they were only supporting characters and we really did know their story. Cass Owens is and is rooming with her twin sister and a girl named Rowe. Right away we learn that Cass is dealing MS and is the main reason she needed to give up her passion, soccer. Cass also has a reputation for being easy, this was her way of dealing in high school, she just didn’t know how the gossip would affect her. Then there’s Ty Preeter he is in graduate school and dorming with his freshman brother Nate. Ty is a real ladies man, who doesn’t do girlfriends and is viewed as strong, invincible, confident, intelligent—arrogant. He has also lost his ability to walk after an accident, ruining all chances he had to play baseball in college. Everything is about to change for both of them and they both might just find love.

This book starts at day one in college and could be read as a standalone. Ginger Scott did a great job incorporating the same events that happened in “This is Falling”, but used different perspectives on these events (of course I compared the books as a read, flipping between the two books). If you have read the first book, don’t worry, in no way by reading this book will you know what will happen next, and you will not lose interest!!! While reading the first book I absolutely fell in love with all the characters and while reading You and Everything After, I fell in love with all of them even more!

Both Cass and Ty are very interesting characters that are both over coming physical limitations and these things only make them stronger and bonded them. I have to say my favorite scene in the book was when Ty talks to Cass’ dad on the phone, and that is all I am going to say about that.

I am now off to read Thing is Falling once again to get my fill of all these characters, and I cannot wait for the third book to come out!!