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Book Review: Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins? by Liz Kessler

Published March 1, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

Title- Has Anyone Seen Jessica Jenkins?

Author– Liz Kessler

Publisher- Candewick Press

Release Date- February 24th, 2015



Jessica Jenkins has always been a perfectly ordinary girl—until one day part of her arm vanishes in the middle of geography class! Jessica’s friends Izzy and Tom are determined to help her develop her newfound invisibility, though Jessica is more concerned with discovering where the ability came from. When it becomes apparent that there may be other kids developing strange powers of their own, Jessica marshals them into a slapdash band of “slightly superheroes.” But when an unscrupulous adult discovers the origin of their powers and kidnaps one of the team, the rest must put their heads—and all of their skills—together to avert disaster.


When I first saw this cover on Netgalley while searching for a childrens fiction to read, I request right away. Then I read the book summery and became really excited to get the chance to read it.

While reading this book, there were times that I needed to remind myself that this is a book that is geared towards younger children. Even though Jessica Jenkins is in 8th grade, I do not particularly think this age group will enjoy reading this book as much as younger children will. What young reader hasn’t wanted super powers or thought about if they could have any superpower, what it would be.

For me the beginning of the story ran a bit slow and then I felt there was a lot of action in the end, which felt a bit rushed. But again, that is my thoughts as an older reader; I think the slow pace might be good for children when reading a new story.

I thought that all of the main characters were very relatable for children, who were going through normal problems, well other than their superpowers ;). Each character had a different personality and so different children can grasp upon on they relate to the most.

I would love to see this book made into a series, there is so much that can happen and I do not think the story is done with this group of children!

I know I will be purchasing a copy to put into my classroom’s library!