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Book Review: Raindrops on Roses by Millenia Black

Published February 10, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

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Raindrops on RosesRaindrops on Roses (Favorite Things Trilogy #1)
by Millenia Black

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Women’s Fiction
Age category: Adult
Release Date: November 18, 2014

What happens when the man you love falls in love with someone else?

Mayfair Island, Florida. Grief-stricken after the sudden loss of her beloved grandmother, an enduring but reclusive Hollywood icon, young Priscilla Bauer finds herself adrift and looking to find solace in the arms of her vast inheritance, when she meets the kind and considerate corporate brand designer, Michael Frost—a drop dead gorgeous beacon of light in her all too dark night.

Falling hard and falling fast, Priscilla has no idea she’s stepped into dangerous territory…Because someone else has already branded Michael Frost her very own—and she has no intention of ever letting him go.

Passions are high, but bitter vengeance gets even higher!

With Raindrops on Roses, the captivating Favorite Things Novella Trilogy—takes flight!

My Thoughts:

Raindrops on Roses was an engaging, fast-paced read that I had trouble putting down. There are so many twists in turns; you do not know what is going to come next. Being that this book has fewer than 200 pages, it is easy to snuggle up on the couch with book and plow through it in one or two sittings.

One thing that I could not get past in the plot was that Michael cheated on his girlfriend of 10 years with Pricilla. That is one major thing that I do not like in books and I try to avoid. Somehow this one slipped through my radar, but I’m not upset it did!

I can’t wait to read the second book, especially because this book ends in such a cliff hanger!

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About the Author:
No one does family and relationship drama quite like bestselling author Millenia Black! Heralded as a double life and relationship expert, she’s been a featured guest on radio shows across the country, discussing the 7 Smoke Signals Your Man is Living a Double Life.

A celebrated alumnus of Keiser University, Millenia lives in the State of Florida where she’s currently hard at work on BLUE SATIN SASHES, book two of the highly acclaimed Favorite Things Trilogy!

Currently unmarried, she’s never dated anyone living a double life…

She thinks.

You can find and contact Millenia here:

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Sizzling Saturdays: Pretty Shameless by Jodi Linton

Published January 10, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Pretty Shameless (Deputy Laney Briggs, #2)

Title- Pretty Shamless

Author- Jodi Linton

Publisher- Entangled Publishing



The only rules she follows are her own…

Wherever deputy Laney Briggs goes, trouble always follows behind—except when Laney is the trouble. Right now, Laney is on the hunt for her not-so-bright cousin, who is wanted for gun smuggling. But there’s a sexy, hot-assed Texas Ranger on the same case, and Laney would bet her britches (and everything else she’s wearing) that Gunner Wilson knows something she doesn’t. It just requires a bit of sexy espionage…

Gunner knows all too well just how damned distracting Laney and her little red cowboy boots can be. The pure, unadulterated want between them has never been stronger—and Gunner can’t resist making her crazy. But even as she gives into every carnal craving for Gunner, Laney is determined to get her answers, one mind-meltingly hot night at a time. The only question is whether she’ll be ready for the truth…


I had a little trouble getting through this book. I am not sure if it was the fact that I never read any of the other books I this series or that it was not what I expected it to be. I love mystery and suspenseful book, but I felt there wasn’t that much if it in this book. I felt as though the elements of this were over shadowed by all the characters lust for one another. Not to mention I wasn’t too sure was going on with Laney’s cousin, nothing was really explained. All I knew was he was in a lot of trouble, but unclear on what kind of trouble.

As for the characters I felt little for their relationship. It felt that it was all about lust between Laney and Gunner. They never were able to have a full conversation and when they tried it just turned into sex. There was one scene where Gunner opened up to Laney and I truly enjoyed that part.

I do not think this was a bad book by all means, it just wasn’t for me. I know that a lot of readers will enjoy this novel, but I do recommend reading the first installment before the second.

Book Review: A Christmas Horror Story by Sebastian Gregory

Published December 25, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

A Christmas Horror Story

Title- A Christmas Horror Story

Author- Sebastian Gregory

Publisher- Carina



On the night before Christmas, lock the doors to the house…

Forget the jolly old man in his red, big-buttoned suit. Because another creature is up on the roof, preparing for his annual visit to little children everywhere.

With a belt of knives round his waist, a writhing bag on his back and a Santa-sized appetite, he’s a little…different to the St Nick you might be expecting.

And you can leave out all the carrots and mince pies you like…but it’s you he’s after.

A horrid Christmas to all, and a terrible night.

Every white Christmas has a dark side. Don’t miss A Christmas Horror Story, the gruesomely festive new story from Sebastian Gregory.


A Christmas Horror Story was a cute little story about a family and A Child Eater. This was such a cute and short read. I like that it wasn’t a normal Christmas story, but one with a bit of a dark side. I didn’t feel as though it was too freighting for children to read, but there was enough maturity for adults to enjoy as well.

I loved that Sebastian Gregory set the story in present time, but had many events in the past showing how the Child Eater has attacked other children, in sneaky ways. I was able to see how long the Child Eater has been around, and how he has attacked so many. We also were give a great description of the Child Eater, and especially loved the little poem in chapter five.

It was interesting that in the story, Santa comes to reward good children, where the Child Eater comes to get naughty children. Although, the children in the story were good children, every child has a moment where they are naughty.

Sizzling Saturdays- The Surrogate Husband by Wynter Daniels

Published December 6, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

The Surrogate Husband

Title- The Surrogate Husband

Author- Wynter Daniels

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Lucy Hamilton owns a lingerie store, her business is doing great! She is opening up a second location, and she has a man for when she wants one for the night, things couldn’t get any better in her eyes. Then her mother walks into the shop with a little confession, while Lucy’s Aunt Bev was sick, she told her that Lucy has gotten married. Now that Aunt Bev is better, her mother has not confessed to Aunt Bev about the ruse. The bad news doesn’t even shop there! Aunt Bev is going to be attending an upcoming family wedding and cannot wait to meet Lucy’s husband.

Now that Lucy has to find a rent out a husband for the wedding, Lucy’s mom interjects and asks Lucy’s new accountant Dex Levian, who is beyond sexy! To Lucy’s surprise Dex agrees to help her out.

I loved how Dex and Lucy were polar opposites of each other! Dex was a clean cut business man who liked to keep things organized and in order. Whereas Lucy was a wild child who seeks out thrills and dressed a lot sexier than Dex is used to. I think in this case the saying “opposites attract” is certainly the case, there was an undeniable attraction between the two and they did a great job complimenting each other.

Book Review- Stolen Breaths by Pamela Sparkman

Published December 1, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Title- Stolen Breaths

Author- Pamela Sparkman


“Your heart is beating so fast”

“I know it started beating again when I saw you day at the airport”

As cheesy as it may sound, Stolen Breaths left me breathless! Both Cooper and Lily have lost many people I their lives, but of their worlds have stopped by some tragic events. It wasn’t until they found each other that they started to live again.

Cooper was so romantic and was a true gentleman throughout the whole story. While reading I kept I thinking that he had something hidden and he couldn’t be there great! Well I was defiantly wrong, he was an alpha and he wasn’t dominant he was just a gentleman through and though.

Lily was so sweet throughout the book, she went through losing her father to finding a circle of friends that really cared for her.

I even fell in love with Lily and Cooper’s circle of friends; both Hayden and Joe were so funny, Ms. Sophie had the biggest hear, Maggie cared for her friend so much and Beth was right there for Lily.

I have to admit if you don’t like a nice romantic book, you will not like this one! It is full of romance and Copper Hutson instantly became my book boyfriend!

Sizzling Saturdays: Out of the Dark by April Emerson

Published November 29, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog
Release Date: December 4 , 2014
Published by The Writers Coffee Shop
Genre: FICTION/Romance/General
ISBN e-book:   978-1-61213-288-4
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PHMy Review

This was the first book that I have read by April Emerson and enjoyed it. I really didn’t think I would, since the story was about a woman being engaged to one man and falling in love with another man.

Carina Porter’s parents have given a trip to Italy as a graduation gift, this way she could explore the cuisine and have an adventure. This gives her the opportunity to be another person, do things she would never do. As soon as she is on the plane a man sits next to her and she is instantly under his spell. Stefan and Carina talk about their lives and he dazzles her with his life on the vineyard. Once they are off the plane and it is time to say goodbye, Stefan offers Carina to come stay with him and come to the vineyard. Normally she would say no, but this is the new Carina, and she agrees to go with him. She is given more taken when she spends more time at the vineyard with Stefan but not everything thing as it seems, especially her feelings once she meets Stefan’s nephew, Lorenzo.

As soon as Carina came to the vineyard she was introduced to Stefan’s servants, there is more to their story then meets the eye and Carina uncovers it. I think it was very interesting that the love triangle between the servants was a bit of a foreshadow of how her relationship would be between herself, Stefan and Lorenzo.

As a boyfriend/fiancé, Stefan, was very absent. At first things were great they did things together, but once Stefan was in his business world, he was never around. When he was around he wasn’t really there. He seemed to never truly listen to Carina, there were many times where she would say, “Don’t you remember? I told you I like _____”. He wasn’t only absent with her, but his family as well. Lucy was a young girl in his family and had not attachment to him, as much as he seemed to care for her. Lorenzo on the other hand was always listening and asking Carina what was wrong, he remembered everything she told him as well. Family was everything to him and as a reader I could feel how much they adored him as well.

I found the end of the story very interesting and had many thoughts of, but I of course do not want to spoil that for anyone who wants to read this story.



Everyone makes choices in life. Carina Porter may have made the wrong one.

After graduating college, she sits beneath her complimentary blanket in first class dreaming of grand adventures when she lands in Italy. Carina always put others first, but now, she’s resolved to indulge in an extraordinary vacation alone in Tuscany. Finally free from the demands of school and family, she’s determined to break away from her sensible nature and take risks. When a handsome man sits beside her on the plane, those daydreams vanish.

Stefan Savano is dashing and handsome. As he shares tales of his family and vineyard, Carina is swept away by his charm. After a brief courtship, Carina falls hard, but events come to light that make her question whether Stefan is as kind-hearted as he appears to be.

Things aren’t as they seem at Savano vineyard. Carina seeks answers, but it seems everyone is keeping a secret. When Stefan’s nephew, Enzo, pays a visit to the estate she’s drawn to his kind and free-spirited nature, and they form a friendship. Stefan becomes preoccupied with work, and when Enzo’s stay ends, Carina finds herself feeling isolated. It is then that illness and responsibilities require Stefan and Carina to return to his small vineyard in quaint Ravine Creek, New York.

There, Carina meets Stefan’s entire family and the time she spends with Enzo becomes more frequent. She tries to deny her traitorous feelings for him, but their attraction grows each day.

When Carina experiences a tragedy, she learns what true love means and must choose between an unhappy existence and a life of passion.

Her decision could do more than destroy a family—it could be fatal.
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aemersonApril Emerson moved to New York City after graduating from college with a degree in literature. As a nature lover, living in the city was a culture shock, but she soon began to enjoy being surrounded by so much energy. Submerged in perpetual crowds, April developed a fondness for people  watching, which inspired her to start writing. Drawn to both the light and dark of humanity, she strives to tell sexy and romantic stories with exquisitely complex characters. When she isn’t writing, she loves listening to music or reading a good book while enjoying a glass of wine.



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Praise for Out of the Dark 
“I could recommend this book. It’s hot and I really liked the suspense element. I hope to read a book a out Stefan and his life after Carina.”  – Liz  Goodreads Review

Review: You and Everything After By Ginger Scott

Published November 27, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog


Title- You and Everything After

Author- Ginger Scott

Release Date- December 5th, 2014

Ginger Scott is one of my favorite authors that I have found thing year!!! Since August I have read every one of her books and I beyond excited to read her latest, “You and Everything After”! Now I am a HUGE fan of Nate and Rowe and I have to admit I had a little trouble reading while they were in the background and every now and again I read the two books at the same time.

We met both Cass and Ty in “This is Falling”, but they were only supporting characters and we really did know their story. Cass Owens is and is rooming with her twin sister and a girl named Rowe. Right away we learn that Cass is dealing MS and is the main reason she needed to give up her passion, soccer. Cass also has a reputation for being easy, this was her way of dealing in high school, she just didn’t know how the gossip would affect her. Then there’s Ty Preeter he is in graduate school and dorming with his freshman brother Nate. Ty is a real ladies man, who doesn’t do girlfriends and is viewed as strong, invincible, confident, intelligent—arrogant. He has also lost his ability to walk after an accident, ruining all chances he had to play baseball in college. Everything is about to change for both of them and they both might just find love.

This book starts at day one in college and could be read as a standalone. Ginger Scott did a great job incorporating the same events that happened in “This is Falling”, but used different perspectives on these events (of course I compared the books as a read, flipping between the two books). If you have read the first book, don’t worry, in no way by reading this book will you know what will happen next, and you will not lose interest!!! While reading the first book I absolutely fell in love with all the characters and while reading You and Everything After, I fell in love with all of them even more!

Both Cass and Ty are very interesting characters that are both over coming physical limitations and these things only make them stronger and bonded them. I have to say my favorite scene in the book was when Ty talks to Cass’ dad on the phone, and that is all I am going to say about that.

I am now off to read Thing is Falling once again to get my fill of all these characters, and I cannot wait for the third book to come out!!