Book Review: A Bit Witchy by Danielle Fisher

Published September 14, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

We’re celebrating the release of A BIT WITCHY by Danielle Fisher!

Title: A Bit Witchy
Age Group: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover designed by: Okay Creations
Release Date: September 14, 2015
Book Description

Eighteen year old Lena Ashlen is in the middle of an identity crisis, and the people in her life aren’t helping. Half of her school thinks she’s crazy while the other half has no idea she even exists. Her father and stepmother barely see her through the bottom of their wine glasses, and her only friends are guardian angels who are terrible cheats when it comes to poker. The only constants in her life are her obsessive crushes on both chocolate and Glenn Storm. In between losing her bra, her pride, and her best friend, Lena has no idea how she’ll survive her senior year.

When guardian angels begin disappearing and everyone thinks she’s to blame, Lena becomes trapped in a case of mistaken identity. But when Glenn and his chaotic family offer to help her find out the truth, she’s forced to ask herself whether she’s the one who’s mistaken. In between the lies and secrets of a past life gone bad, Lena soon learns that if she’s ever going to prove they have the wrong girl, she’s going to need more than just snark and cleavage to convince them.

Our Thoughts:

At first I did know how I was going to feel about this book, the cover was fantastic, but the title to me was a little bit misleading. Although, the story line was interesting, I thought for a minute this book would be about witches. I also have to say I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed this book.

To start off the characters were interesting, I like that there was more to each character than meets the eye. The reader may think one thing about them while they are a completely different type of person. It was fun seeing Lena interacting with some of the guardian angels too, Richard was great!

At times, it did feel like something was missing, not sure if it was the way the story started or what. Towards the middle I felt like things were coming along better and I wasn’t as confused as I had been in the beginning. It was also unlike any book I have read, so it was nice to read a story with out knowing how it was going to end. I am also not ready to say good-bye to these characters! I hope I will be able to meet them again.

This was a great read and I would recommend it for readers you enjoy reading paranormal books.

About the Author:
Danielle is a writer, a reader, and a lover of everything covered in cheese. When she’s not adding books to her “Want to Read” list on Goodreads, she’s trying to corral her three daughters into a semi-normal life in Bel Air, Maryland. She shares this insanity with her incredibly patient husband, her favorite black, golden retriever, an occasional snake, mouse, and a family of squirrels. The latter 3 live in the attic, but she counts them anyway. Connect with me!

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