Book Review: The Half-Life of Planets by Emily Franklin

Published August 9, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog


Title- The Half-Life of Planets

Author– Emily Franklin

Publisher- Open Road Media Teen and Tween



Liana’s decided to boycott kissing this summer, hoping to lose her reputation and focus on planetary science. Hank has near-encyclopedic knowledge of music and Asperger’s syndrome. When they meet by chance in a hospital restroom, neither one realizes that their friendship will change everything.

If Liana’s experiment goes as planned, she’ll learn to open up, using her mouth for talking instead of kissing. But Hank’s never been kissed and thinks Liana might be the one to show him . . . if he can stop spewing music trivia long enough to let her.


I am so happy I had a chance to read The Half-life of Planets. Emily Franklin did a great job writing a story that touch upon Asperger’s syndrome in a tasteful light. She really highlighted struggles that these children have socially. Hank completely struggled with his social cues and at times said the wrong thing, but that is what was so likeable about him. He was by far my favorite in the book.

I also liked that there was so much music reference in this book, I absolutely love music so that was great! I like how Hank’s “one thing” was music. I have worked with my children with Asperger’s and their one thing always intrigues me.

Liana was great too and she was did enjoy spending time with Hank, even those times she became frustrated, but that’s real life!

I loved the duel POV to get inside of both Liana and Hanks head. I always said I want to get inside one of my students head to see what they are thinking, and I must say I feel like I have a little glimpse into their world. It was also interesting to see how Liana over came what was troubling her.

This is a story that I will hold onto for a long time and will recommend it to others wit no hesitation.

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