Book Review: The Escape by Hannah Jayne

Published July 30, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog


Title- The Escape

Author- Hannah Jayne

Publisher- Sourcefire Books



When two boys walk into the woods, and one comes out covered in blood, what would you believe?
Fletcher and Adam venture into the woods for an afternoon hike, but when day turns into night and neither boy returns, their town is thrown into turmoil. Avery, the detective’s daughter, is the one to find Fletcher—dishelved, disoriented, and covered in blood. He has no memory of what happened, but Avery can’t shake the feeling that something’s off. When Adam’s body is finally found, Avery is determined to uncover the truth. But if she stands by her gut, and Fletcher, is she standing by a friend, or a murderer? The answer might cost her her life.


I can’t say too much about this book without giving away what happens. The main thing I want to say is go read this book, but I cat just say that. Anyway, this was a great quick read that leaves you say, “I did not see that coming”.

This book grabbed me from the very beginning, as soon as I started read I wanted t know what happened to Adam and Fletcher in the woods. As soon as Fletcher is found, you find yourself asking what happened and since we have his POV, you think I will find out the answers right away, but the problem is he has amnesia and cant remember anything that happened in the woods. Then there’s Avery, all she wants to do is help her dad find out who killed Adam, and once she puts her mind to it, she able to figure it out. I thought she was a great character and just wanted to help. I think she can be relatable to young readers; she goes through things that a normal teen would go through.

I would recommend this to any one who enjoys mysteries and young adult reads.

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