Read Me Fridays: Neverland by Shari Arnold

Published April 24, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog


Title- Neverland

Author- Shari Arnold

Publisher- Createspace

Release Date- APRIL 7, 2015



It’s been four months since seventeen-year-old Livy Cloud lost her younger sister, but she isn’t quite ready to move on with her life — not even close. She’d rather spend her time at the Seattle Children’s hospital, reading to the patients and holding onto memories of the sister who was everything to her and more.

But when she meets the mysterious and illusive Meyer she is drawn into a world of adventure, a world where questions abound.


I am a fan of all Fairy Tales and I have just started to read book that stem from well know fairy tale. I often find that I do not always like them, but Neverland was NOT one of those! I enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end.

Livy’s sister passed away and Livy has been dealing with her death along with her parents. Everyone mourns in different ways and Livy’s was to stay close to the children she has met while her sister was in the hospital. Over time she became really close to another girl named Jilly and keeps reading to all the children at the hospital. Then she sees a boy watching her as she reads and is instantly drawn to him.

I think there was so much more to this book then just the story of Meyer and Livy, who were versions of Peter and Wendy. This book was about dealing with death, friendship and family.

I could sit around all day and explain every little similarity and every part I enjoyed watching, but then you wouldn’t be enjoying this book for yourself and I think that everyone should!

MYIs she ready to live life without her sister? Or more importantly, is she brave enough to love again?

In this modern reimagining of Peter Pan, will Livy lose herself to Neverland or will she find what she’s been searching for?

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