Read Me Fridays: The Third Twin by C. J Omololu

Published February 27, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

The Third Twin

Title- The Third Twin

Author- C. J Omololu

Publisher– Random House Children’s

Release Date- February 23, 2015


The Third Twin is a fast paced suspenseful young adult thriller, about two twins who have made up a third twin named Alice. When Lexi and Ava were little, they would blame their made up twin Alice when things would go wrong. Now that they are older they pretend to be Alice when they want to date boys who aren’t relationship types. Everything seems to be going fine until they guys that “Alice” have dated start turning up dead, and Alice is the number one suspect. That’s not the only thing that is going wrong, Lexi feels like she is being followed but the only proof she finds, no one believes. Now she must clear her and her sister’s name and find the true murder.

I really enjoyed reading this book since I wanted to know who the killer was from the very first time I found out someone was murdered. There were times where I suspected some characters and times that I thought maybe there might just be a third twin they Lexi and Ava don’t know about, but I was kept guessing until the very end.

Since this story was told from Lexi’s point of view I felt more of a connection with her then with Ava. Sometimes I forgot she even existed. If there is one thing I wish there was more of, it would be the connections to the characters. The only one I could really connect with was Lexi. I do think that there was so much going on in this book that it could have been more than one book. Even though I would have been so annoyed with a cliff hanger, I know I would have bought the next books!

This was a very age appropriate book, there was nothing in it that would say young teens shouldn’t read and I think some older teens might enjoy the plot. I never read any of C. J Omololu’s other books, but I now look forward to reading them and any future books.

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