Read Me Friday: The Forgetting by Nicole Maggi

Published January 2, 2015 by adventuresinbooklandblog

The Forgetting

Title- The Forgetting

Author- Nicole Maggi

Publisher- SourceFire Books

Release- February 3rd, 2015


Rating- Four Stars


Georgie Kendrick wakes up after a heart transplant, but the organ beating in her chest doesn’t seem to be in tune with the rest of her body. Why does she have a sudden urge for strawberries when she’s been allergic for years? Why can’t she remember last Christmas?

Driven to find her donor, Georgie discovers her heart belonged to a girl her own age who fell out of the foster care system and into a rough life on the streets. Everyone thinks she committed suicide, but Georgie is compelled to find the truth – before she loses herself completely.


Nicole Maggi did a great just writing about a girl who has just had a heart transplant. I personally know someone who has recently had a heart transplant and the main character in this story reminded me of her. Although, there were some parts that were a little unbelievable. I do believe that after a transplant the person feels like something doesn’t belong, and the recipient starts to think if they deserve it or they can feel that the heart isn’t beating the way their old heart did, but the whole seeing visions of the past owners life is a bit of a stretch.

The issues the story touched upon were interesting and not ones that I have read about before. This was the first time I read a story that involved sex trafficking. There were someone good points in the story and I love that Nicole Maggi wrote about ways to help these children involved. She was able to intertwine these ways into the story perfectly through Georgie. This was also the first book I read that involved a transgender, I thought the struggles she was going through with family were quite believable, not all family are accepting.

I would recommend this book for young adults that aren’t really looking for a realistic fiction. I think that teens would enjoy reading it!

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