Book Review- What if by A. J Pine

Published December 4, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

What If (If Only..., #2)

Title- What If

Author- AJ Pine

Publisher- Entangled Publishing

Rating- 5 Stars

What if……

Maggie wasn’t sick two years ago

Griffin wasn’t a guy that had a new girl in his bed each night

Maggie never missed her bus and hitchhiked

Griffin never gave Maggie a ride to work

Maggie and Griffin never met

All those what if and so many crossed both Maggie and Griffin’s minds in order to protect themselves and each other from heartbreak. Maggie and Griffin’s story was adorable, as a reader I fell in love with this heartwarming story.

It took a long time to find out what was actually wrong with Maggie, for the most of the book, all I knew was she gets migraines, her memory isn’t that great and she takes blood thinners. I’m not too familiar with what happened to her, but she used it to stop living her life until she met Griffin.

One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Maggie and Griffin were laying in his bed and she was reading a book. It was such a simple scene but beyond sweet.

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