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Book Review: One Wish Away by Kelley Lynn

Published November 5, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

One Wish Away

Title- One Wish Away

Author- Kelley Lynn

Publisher- Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books

Release- November 11, 2014

Lyra was a sophomore in high school, and she didn’t really fit in with the other kids. She is at the top of her class and has lead her academic team to victory, with her best friend, Darren. Lyra’s father works for Space Exploration and Discovery and her dream is to be the youngest astronomer to work there. Her dreams come true once she finds out a star is missing, but is this truly her dream job?

I am a bit conflicted with this book; I thought the aspect of Cricket Project was a bit unbelievable. I also found the events that happened toward the end of the book to be a bit unbelievable as well. I do not want to give out any spoilers, but I find that not many teenagers making waves with the government

If I put that part of the book aside, I enjoyed many other parts of the book. I thought the family aspect was interesting. Lyra’s father isn’t really around for her, he spends most of his time at work and her mother left them years ago. I did enjoy seeing Lyra’s aunt being a part of her life and making sure once a week they had a family dinner. Then there’s Darren’s family life, both his parents are there for him, but they struggle financially, Darren needs to work to help pay for their expenses. I think these were both important dynamics to write about since both very common right now.

The book did keep me engaged, I wanted to know what was going to happen with the Cricket Project and in the end I was left with a cliff hanger.

Book Review: His Frozen Heart Author by Nancy Straight

Published November 4, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

His Frozen Heart (Brewer Brothers #1)

Title- His Frozen Heart

Author- Nancy Straight

Lately each time I read a book, I think I won’t find another one that will keep me engaged. Well, His Frozen Heart proved me wrong. This story was full of twists and turns, I never knew what was going to happen next.

Candy and her best friend Libby are living on their own after Graduation, but they didn’t know that it would be as hard as it is. Candy works three jobs and Libby works as well and at times they still do not have money to eat. When they become desperate Libby goes and pool sharks at a local bar. One night the girls were in need for food and decided to go to the local bar where they end up winning four hundred dollars from two guys names Teddy and Tony. Tony was not happy to lose since he was sharking as well. Little did Candy and Libby know the consequences for winning that night may lead to so much danger. While investigating the events that have unfolded for Candy, she runs into an old friend, could be the same person she knew all those years ago or is he hiding something?

There was so many times where I felt emotion during this book, I usually do not cry while reading, but there were many scenes that got to me. The love that Candy had for her friends and family was amazing and she would stop at nothing to keep them safe. As a character Candy grew from being a girl who got all she wanted to come that would do anything for the people around even if that means risking her life. Dave, Candy’s friend from the past, went from being a very closed up person to opening up to Candy and telling her more about himself and his family.

If all of Nancy’s books are like this, I will be looking out for more of her books!