Book Review: Fixed Up by Stephanie Witter

Published October 14, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

Fix Up (Patch Up, #2)r

“Even now that you both confessed your love to each other, you find ways to fight and hurt each other”

Fix Up picks up a couple weeks after Sean’s brutal attack on Skye; we see how not only she is dealing with the aftermath, but also her friends and family. I love that in book two we get to have Duke’s perspective along with Skye’s, it made me understand him more.

This story again took me through all the emotions that the first one took me through. I was very intrigued by Skye’s new relationship with her psychologist. I have never seen one myself, but it was interesting to see that aspect in a book and I have to say that Dr. Marshall intrigued me a little.

Both Syke and Duke had a lot to work through during this book. Skye needed to overcome what had happened to her and work on her relationships with the people around her. Duke on the other hand had to work on his demons and his feeling for Skye and Juliet.

I took me some time to read this story, I felt all these emotions involving Duke and all his heartbreak. The last 40 percent of the novel I was heartbroken and unsure if I could read on, but of course I did!

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