Book Review: The Guardians by T.M Franklin

Published October 2, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

The Guardians (MORE, #2)

Title- The Guardians

Author- T.M Franklin

Publisher- The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House

The Guardians picks up a couple months after MORE left off! Ava and Caleb are back at college, but Caleb is still helping Ava learn her craft, who is getting stronger the more they practice. Even though they are back at college doesn’t mean that they are alone, Tiernan and Katherine are watching Ava’s every move to make sure she isn’t a threat to the council, but that is not their only problem, it seems that someone else is watching them as well. Caleb isn’t only helping Ava with her powers, but he has been helping half breeds get to safe houses. The council seems to suspect there is something going on with Caleb and has Tiernan keep his eye on him. One of the times Caleb comes back, Ava senses that he’s not the same and it seems as though he’s wearing an extra veil and that is when Caleb disappears. This leaves Ava and Tiernan a mission, find out what is going on with Caleb! When they are on their adventure they rescue a girl named Emma from Rogues and all three of them end up at the Guardian Colony, where everything thing involving Ava is revealed.

While reading this book, I grew more attached to all of the characters, I of course still loved Caleb and Ava’s story and how they are bonded. The bond in the story is something special between two people. Once a couple is bonded, it hurts for them to be apart for a long time and the only way to end a bond is for one of the bonded to die, of course for these two, I want them to stay bonded!! In the first book I didn’t really like Tiernan as a character, but he REALLY grew on me in this story! I enjoyed reading more about Caleb and Ava’s families and what a big part Ava’s family plays within this series, it was something I was not excepting!!!

The Plot of this story as a whole was full of suspense and mystery, I kept reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. Part of me wishes I had enough time to read the story all at once, and if I had the time, I probably would have, I enjoyed it that much!!!!

I cannot say enough about this series and cannot wait to finish reading the third installment!

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