Book Review: More by T.M. Franklin

Published September 29, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog

More (MORE, #1)

Title- More

Author- T.M Franklin

Ava Michaels always knew there was something different about her, she thought was special and not the kind a way a parent thinks their child is special, but at one time she thought she might have an ability that would cause her to make things happen. As she got older, she didn’t think about her ability as much, thinking it was just a childish dream.

Now we see Ava in college, living a normal college life; she has a roommate, works at a diner at night and is struggling to pass physics. When her professor notices that she is failing and in order to keep her scholarship she must pass the class, he decides to have her tutored by Caleb Foster.

Little does Ava know that Caleb is more than just her tutor, he is part of The First Race, whose mission is to protect humanity and aid its growth and development. Their number one rule is to stay underneath the radar, but when another of his kind is trying to take Ava, Caleb can’t stay back and revels himself as her protector.

I have no idea where to start with this book!!! I absolutely loved it! T. M Franklin illustrated an amazing world full of hidden secrets. I found it very interesting that the First Race are all born with two different colored eyes and that when they hide themselves behind a veil, that is the only thing they cannot hide.

I enjoyed the connection that Caleb and Ava had, they both knew that there was something there and it was in a way forbidden for them to be together. Caleb knew that a First Race and a Human could never be together and if they were, the penalty would be death. Ava on the other hand didn’t want to have to worry about having a crush on her tutor.

I cannot wait to learn more of the First Race in the next book and see where Ava and Caleb end up.

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