Book Review: Populatti by Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper

Published August 30, 2014 by adventuresinbooklandblog


Title- Populatti

Author: Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper

Publisher: JKSCommunications

Release Date: May 2 2014

Livi Stanley and her three best friends made formed a social network called, Livi’s friend Crystal was the mastermind behind the whole site! changed not only from a social network sight, but into an exclusive club, members need to be voted in and can be voted out just as easily. Populatti also gives its members information on “Populatti Parties” where only members can attend. At Livi 16th birthday party, the star baseball player Brandon Dash starts to show interest in Livi, which begins to cause some drama for her, and may threat her standings in Populatti.

This was such a great look and I know many readers around the same age of Livi will be able to relate to the story. All Livi wanted to do is to be popular and part of the club, but when the rumors start to fly around she needs to realize who she can trust. Maybe the first she has aren’t really the ones that are on her side. I know many girls go through this during high school and Livi as a character is so relatable. Also the fact that social media now a days has a huge impact on high school and middle school students these days, makes this story even more relatable!

I was pretty unsure how I was going to feel about this book in the beginning but about a quarter of the way through I could not put the book down!!! I am definitely looking forward to reading more from Jackie Nastri Bardenwerper!

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